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Have you ever tried Facetune Apk on your Androi phone? Maybe Yes, no problem if you haven’t. Are you a selfie addicted? If Yes then I am sure you have installed lots of Photo Editor apps on your phone. Most of the people likes to add different filters to their selfie or pictures before uploading them on Social Media. Filter makes our photo looks awesome, it makes it more attractive as compared to original one. Nowadays, some Social Media apps have included default Filters in their app like Instagram & Snapchat. Both of these apps have awesome filters to make our picture awesome.

Android is the best gadget to take selfies anytime, anywhere. This is why people prefers to buy a good Android phone instead of DSLR. It is not so easy to handle that big size camera anywhere and there is no option to take a selfie on DSLR. That’s why we all loves our Android phone. Also you can edit your picture according to your need using different cool photo editing application. Also have a look at Moto Traffic race 2 mod apk. Facetune Apk Latest Version Free Download

There are thousands of Photo Editing applications are developed for Android devices. But not all of them are much useful because most of them have lack of features. Some application have lots of filters while some have other cool picture editing tools. But we need an app which contains all of the effects so that we don’t need to install different apps for different effects.

Some apps have feature to take Photo which do work of Camera apps. For example B612 is very popular Android application to take selfies with its default filters. There is no need to edit he photo, you can directly add your desired filter while taking the picture. Isn’t it cool? Yeah!! It is but it don’t have much features so you should install some other photo editing apps too with it.

Download Facetune Apk Latest Version

No need to search this question again on Google. Here we will provide you download link for Facetune Apk latest version which is purchased officially from Play Store and now we are going to share it with all of our readers. You can download latest version here whenever there is new update being released. Also have a look at Xbox 360 Emulator for Android.

Download Facetune v1.1.4 Apk

Let you know, I am going to share one of the most popular Photo editing app for Android which have all of the features, you want in a photo editor application. Maybe you have already heard about Facetune app. Most of the people haven’t heard about it because it is a Paid application which is available for Android and iOS both versions. You must have to pay some money to buy it for your smartphone. This is why it isn’t got public till now. Well, there is no need to pay a single penny for downloading this app from our website. We will provide you its latest version APK for free in the bottom of this article. Also see Instagram Plus app for upload your edited pics from Facetune.

Facetune contains lots of filters with many other photo editing tools which are not available in any other Photo editing app. Let you know all the features which Facetune Apk provides to its users.

Features of Facetune Apk


  • Widen or refine your smile
  • User-friendly teeth whitening tool


  • Smooth and rejuvenate your skin
  • Brighten dark circles under your eyes like concealer
  • Remove blemishes, pimples and scars


  • Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze
  • Change your eye color
  • Remove red and white-eye effects


  • Turn back time and color over grey hair
  • Fill bald patches
  • Remove stray hairs


  • Reshape or refine jaw lines
  • Heighten cheek bones and brows
  • Reshape or retouch your nose
  • Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image
  • Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes


  • Apply any shade of blush and eyeshadow
  • Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows
  • Color your lips
  • Insert intensity to your natural lip color
  • Smooth skin as if using concealer


  • Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background
  • Improve lighting or add special effects
  • Create customized filters
  • Add unique textures and customizable frames
  • Rotate the image
  • Flip to the photo to its mirror image


  • Add artistic touches to make your photo your own
  • Photo editor with customizable filters can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas


  • Instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through social media or e-mail


  • Compare your retouch work with the original photo at every step of the way, with only one tap
  • Having trouble? Facetune offers informative graphic and video help screens for each feature

These are the features which Facetune App offers. Isn’t they are so interesting? Yeah and I am sure you will fall in love with this amazing application after using it once on your phone. I don’t think there is any other photo editing provides these all features. No need to worry if this app is Paid, you can download it for free from our website. We will provide your Facetune Apk Latest Version for free in below steps.

How to Install Facetune App on Android?

Well, I don’t think there is any need to tell you the steps for installing Facetune App on Android. It is a normal Apk file as like others so you can easily install and use it on any Android phone. but if still you want to go deeply, here are the steps which you need to follow. Also see Lucky Patcher app for Bypass In-App purchases.

1) First of all Download Facetune Apk on your smartphone from the link given above.

2) Install the downloaded apk on your phone, you will get it in download folder. Install Facetune Apk

3) Whenever installation gets completed, you are ready to use this application.

4) Now, Open Facetune app, select your Picture and start adding different effects on it according to your wish. Facetune App

This is how to install Facetune Apk file on any Android phone. Is there anything special in this process? Well, No but it’s my duty to tell you all the steps for I just completed my work. Now, you can enjoy lots of photo editing features through this application on your phone.

Final Words

So guys, in this article I have provided you Facetune Apk Latest version download link for Android. You are going to love this application after installing it once on your smartphone. There is no any other photo editing app is available on Play Store which can defeat according to its Price i.e just 10 rupee. There is no need to download Facetune App for free because you can easily afford it price. Well, no problem if you don’t want to spent money in these all things. Enjoy! If you have any problem in downloading or installing this app, feel free to ask your query in comment section.

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